The Design Pattern Gamma Categorization

Design patterns are usually categorized in three categories:

Creational Patterns

  • Manages construction of objects
  • Can be explicit (ex: constructors) or implicit (ex: Dependency Injection, reflection, etc.)
  • Single statement vs step-by-step process

Structural Patterns

  • Focuses on relationships between objects. They seek to define structures.

Behavioral Patterns

  • Focuses on communications between objects.
  • Deals with assigning responsibilities, encapsulating behavior, delegation, etc.

A pattern can belong to more than one category. A design pattern usually focuses on one main issue and proposes a solution that offers flexibility (easy to maintain and to improve) and reusability.

Author: Toujon Lyfoung

This paragraph is supposed to be the place where I put my credentials and achievements. In my opinion, degrees and jobs do not tell much about a person. If you want to know me, read my posts! Blogging has been fun. I do not pretend to do much. I am simply processing, tracking and sharing my reflection. Comments are definitely welcomed to help me continue in my learning.

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