Defying Windows’ 260 character paths!

Windows is known for limiting paths to 260 characters which can be an issues when you deal with java packages. You cannot write, rename or delete files once the limit is reached. However there are a few tricks that can be helpful to go around this issue if you cannot shorten your paths.

Since Windows 10 Build 14352 and later, it is now possible to enable long paths… but it only works with Powershell (!!) Windows Explorer and third party applications do not work. (Please do not tell me this is weird…)

  1. Enable Long path on windows
    1.1 Go to start menu and open Group Policy in Control Panel by searching for “gpedit”

1.2 Go to Local Computer Policy → Administrative Templates → System → Filesystem and edit “Enable Win32 long paths”

1.3 Enable this option

Apply policy change by running this command in a terminal:

gpupdate /target:computer /force

If you are using Git to clone a repository that contains long paths, Git allows you to add a setting to handle them. For that, open a new terminal as admin (I repeat “as admin”), and run:

git config --system core.longpaths true

Hopefully, this helps… until Windows find something more coherent. Why would you disable long paths by default? Unless it is because only Powershell can use it 🙂